Childrens arts exploration

 Free entry! 

Opening concert at 11.30 

Workshops and bazaar 12.00 to 16.00
Entertainment at the World Stage all day 

Final concert at the World Stage 16.15



The free children’s festival within Oslo World! 

Join us for a tour in our amazing world as Grønland Kulturstasjon and Asylet Café are turned into a colorful piñata stuffed with fun things to do, remarkable things to experience and unforgettable things to taste. 

Take a trip to Indonesia and try traditional instrument or learn to dance Saman dance. Or maybe take in an interactive show about wonderful Bandi, visit Hawaii to play the Ukelele, or play with rhythms at Beat it like Stomp, or dance with Freddy and Richie. You can have your fortune read, get tribal facepaint, visit the bazar with 13 countries and a live band or just watch the entertainment at the World Stage on the third floor. But what ever you do make sure to stop by or barnd new enviromental village to learn more about how we can save the planet together.

Children’s Arts Exploration is a family festival where the whole family can travel around the world -for free! Everyone gets their own passport where you can stamp through as many countries and continents as you can manage. In the bustling bazaar you have many activities, things to look at and food from different continents. Our wonderful clowns Narrosha and Trudelitt will tumble about the place with big smiles and warm hearts to make sure everybody is happy.

Join us and see for yourself!

Practical information

Entrance: Free entrance and free to praticipate.
Strollers: Enter through Asylet at Grønland 28. The fire code prohibits strollers inside the grounds and buildings.
Parking: Grønlands Torg P-hus.
Food: Aslyet Café and international food stalls.


Grønland Kulturstasjon and Asylet.
Entrance from Tøyenbekken 5 and Grønland 28.



Stop: Grønland, exit to Grønland torg. Entrance across the street on your left.Bus:

Bus 37 - stop: Tøyengata.
Bus 60 and 105 - stop: Nordbygata.
Oslo Bus terminal is about 5 minutes walk.Train:

Oslo Sentral station is about 10 minutes walk.